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About Us

We are Mamas, Teachers, and Sisters

in real life!

We are Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialists and trauma-informed yoga teachers. Our goal is to help you access your deepest levels of strength and vitality through the wild and sacred journey of motherhood.

We firmly believe you can feel confident + strong in your pregnancy, birth and postpartum with the right tools - and we want to give you all the tools we know WORK.

Becoming or being a mother figure doesn’t mean you have to give up on feeling like yourself again. And you don’t have to do it alone.

We want you to be the parent who is completely unstoppable.


We want you to feel strong before pregnancy, throughout your pregnancy and birth, and for the long-term postpartum.


We see you becoming even stronger than before you had kids.


The Journey through Motherhood/Parenthood is so much more rewarding when you have people sharing the road with you!


While you may have family supporting you on the home front, what all birthing and postpartum people need is other folx who are “in the thick of it” too — changing diapers while healing and strengthening our bodies and minds. That’s what sisters and solidarity are for.

And we are here for it!

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What It's Like to Work With Us

No matter HOW you work with us, you get to work with BOTH of us!

Nicole in a lunge position with hands on blocks, looking at a computer

In Pregnancy

Step 1: Nicole for Prenatal Yoga & Birth Prep
Step 2: Kendra for Prenatal Strength Training

In Birth

Step 1: Nicole for Mother's Practice for Birth (Movement) & Birth Planning Prep
Step 2: Kendra for Birth Strength Training
Kendra and Nicole sitting on the ground next to each other, teaching. Kendra's hands are showing top and bottom of diaphragm and pelvis. A skeleton stands in the background.
Kendra pointing to a skeleton pelvis and looking at a computer

In Postpartum

Step 1: Kendra for Corrective Exercise, Diastasis & Pelvic Floor Training
Step 2: Nicole for Postpartum Yoga

"Both Kendra and Nicole have a soothing attention to detail when they guide you through exercises and meditation. Right when you think 'what about this muscle' they guide you gently to pay attention to it, so the exercise feels natural without there being a running commentary that interrupts your own focus.

I understand what it means and looks like to be empowered."

Jenny H., Montclair, NJ

You also might be interested to know . . .

We are convinced that we're actually twins who were born 4.5 years apart. Our voices are wildly similar, people tell us we look alike and we regularly text each other the exact same things at the same time, ALL THE TIME. If it wasn't hilarious, it would be creepy.

We lived together in NYC for several years when we first moved there. So fun!

This is the second business we've created together. The first one was a yoga bag company.

So it's no wonder that we talk every single day and we've chosen to work with each other too. Life is better when you have someone (even better if it’s a sister) in your corner who celebrates good stuff with you, but also lets you be sad, vulnerable and inquisitive. It's the garden plot for growth.

Hi we are nicole coons and kendra fitzgerald devoted mamas
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