Fit in your workouts without anxiety

I have to be honest. Finding time to workout is one of my BIGGEST challenges...and I teach other people how to workout it for a ...

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Pro-Tip: How to get back to swimming in postpartum

  Swimming is an awesome way to exercise in postpartum. It feels soooo good to float and glide in the water! No wonder our babies love ...

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3 Keys To Dropping Anxiety & Overwhelm in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Why do we feel so anxious, unsupported and generally overwhelmed during pregnancy and even during postpartum? Especially nowadays when we have so many resources practically ...

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Crystal - Testimonial for Devoted Mamas

I recommend you start this course now! Testimonial from Crystal

If you are seeking an empowered birth process, a calm inner state and a reconnection to trust in our own powerful ability to positively birth ...

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Pro-tip: Getting the Most Out of Your Elliptical Workout in Postpartum

In our book, no exercise is off-limits in postpartum. HOWEVER, doing an exercise safely within your current strength range and progressing well is the key ...

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Natalie - Testimonial for Devoted Mamas

Amazing course! Testimonial from Natalie

I started the Postpartum: Repair & Restore course today and man I have to tell you...I wish I had gone through this prior to or ...

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Improve Your Pelvic Floor Function While You Sit

How great would it be to improve how well your pelvic floor functions while you sit?! We sit so much during the day that this is ...

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The 6 Biggest Weight-loss & Health Mistakes New Moms Make (and How To Avoid Them)

We totally understand the desire to get back to feeling strong and fit after having a baby. However, when it comes to weight loss after having ...

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