Postpartum: Repair & Restore Workshop for Movement Professionals


Did you know that 60% of postpartum women still have Diastasis Recti and/or pelvic floor issues one year after childbirth and many women have no idea they even have it? What’s more, jumping right back into the same pre-baby exercise after childbirth can cause more harm than good. Join postpartum corrective exercise experts Kendra & Nicole in this 3 hour workshop to learn how to help your new mama clients repair and restore their bodies well.

In this workshop you will:

* Understand the anatomy behind postpartum repair and why this specific approach is so important. *Know what NOT to do with your clients in this postpartum period.
* Learn the exercise progressions to get your clients back to doing these advanced exercises with confidence and strength.
*Take away dozens of exercises you can implement into your own training and teaching to begin helping your students right away.

January 20 @ 14:00
14:00 — 17:00 (3h)

Montclair NJ

Kendra Fitzgerald, Nicole Coons

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