Empowered Birth Course


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A Note from Kendra & Nicole

Congratulations on taking the first step toward healing and restoring your body, lovingly and fully. We’re here for you every step of the way!

A little note on how this course works:

This course is split up into 6 weeks of modules, one released each week. You are now in Week 1!

At the beginning of Week 1, there are several (non-exercise) preparatory videos to give you a great foundation of understanding about how postpartum repair works. It will likely take you about 30 minutes to get through those prep videos, and then you’ll get right into the exercises!

We highly recommend not skipping around. Go through the course as it’s laid out. We know it’s tempting to want to jump right into the exercises, but the preparatory videos at the beginning of Week 1 are essential for your success in this course (and we guarantee you’ll learn a LOT!)

Once you are ready to practice, watch (and do!) the exercise tutorial videos to learn the details of these exercises, and then you’ll do the complete Week 1 practice as many days and as many times as you can this week (or at least 3 times, up to 6)!

Once you complete Week 1, Week 2 will open up in your dashboard, and so on.

What will you do in this course?

In this 6-week practice series based on providing you a balance of intensity and ease, you will:

  • “Turn on” your deepest core and pelvic floor muscles correctly and fully, so that even daily life is transformed into a functional workout
  • Alleviate common postpartum aches and pains in the low back, hips, neck and shoulders
  • Be guided every step of the way with sitting practices that will bring balance, peace and wholeness into your daily life without guilt or having to choose between “me time” and baby time. All of the sitting practices can be done while feeding your baby or during another brief quiet moment during your day.

 Why does this practice work?

Muscular re-activation happens when we align the bones and engage the muscles correctly.

Healing happens when we feel at ease.

Our bodies need to feel the balance of healthy muscular stress and inner peace on a regular basis in order to heal and get stronger. Even if you are already back to your full intensity of exercise pre-baby, you’ll find that when you balance integrity, intensity and ease, you recover faster, sleep better, and are actually joyfully ready for the next level of challenge.

We’re so excited for you to get started!


Kendra + Nicole

Our Tips for Success

1) Invest some time in learning.

SEE in your mind and FEEL in your body exactly what you are actually doing in this practice series by learning about the anatomy of your body. We’ve included a hand-picked collection of the most essential lessons you need to help you feel confident and in control as you learn these practices.

Success Tip! Watch all of the videos in each section.

2) Be consistent

Practice the same week’s videos (both the Movement practice and the Sitting practices) 3-5 times each during one week. You are turning back on teeny tiny muscles that went to sleep during pregnancy. You are training your mind again on how to be clear, calm and focused. Your body and mind both respond best to consistent practice.

Success Tip! Don’t go longer than 2 days between practices.

3) Celebrate every “baby” step! 

We know getting back to a rhythm of taking care of yourself while also keeping your baby clothed, fed, clean and content is no small feat.

Just know that when starting something new, the majority of your energy is expended in the very beginning. If you will just start now, get through this early hard stuff with our support, we promise it will get a LOT easier once you build momentum and rhythm. It’s kind of like a plane taking off–they use some 40% of their fuel just during takeoff and once they are at altitude, it’s smooth and steady. You can do this!

Success Tip! Reach out to share your wins with us, however small.

If you haven’t already, jump into the Forum and join the Private Group for 6-week series students.  Answers, expert advice and member support await you there – come on over and introduce yourself!