I’m Growing My Baby

Short on Time? Torch 200 Calories in 20 Minutes

If you're tight on time, this is the workout for you. It's great for all stages of motherhood - pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum. The best part ...

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3 Tips to Having an Ecstatic Birth

Now that we've got the due date thing out of the way, here are just a few tips to increase the creative flow in your ...

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Why You Should Toss Your Due Date Out the Window

  Your birth can be inspired. Even ecstatic. But you may be saying "Yeah, right. I just hope I make it through. Forget ecstatic." There are at ...

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20 Minute Yoga Sequence for Bone Strength

The New York Times recently published an article with 12 poses that you can do in 12 minutes, to increase bone strength. Well, this applies ...

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What’s the Big Deal About Breathing in Pregnancy?

  One of my (Nicole's) first lessons in pranayama (yoga breath training) taught me that most of us breathe incorrectly. We think of breathing in like ...

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