Pelvic Floor Safe Squatting Technique

Squatting is an essential part of postpartum repair and recovery. We squat hundreds of times every day – getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, sitting to work, sitting to eat, sitting to feed our babies, picking up laundry / grocery bags / children…you name it, it probably involves a squat.

And you know what is really great? Because we squat so much during the day, it’s a fantastic opportunity to integrate your repair work into your life without having to go to the gym.

Let’s make sure you’re squatting well, especially when you’re picking up heavy objects (like your kids!). In this video, we practice a deep and wide squat with the breath.

NOTE: ** If you have prolapse, please proceed with caution and see your Pelvic Floor PT before performing these exercises.


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Pelvic Floor Safe Squatting Technique

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