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Answers To The 23 Most-Asked Questions About Diastasis Recti

So many questions, so little time. We feel you, mama.

We're wrapping up Diastasis Recti Awareness Month with a rapid-fire Q&A session where the two of us sat down and answered all of the questions we see or hear mothers asking about diastasis.

Listen to the whole thing (you might get an answer you didn't know you needed), or jump ahead to the question you want to know the answer to. The timestamps for each question are listed below.

In this video, we covered:

How do I know if I have DR? (0:46)

Is Diastasis Recti considered a hernia? (2:29)

How can I fix DR naturally? (3:09)

Can you fix diastasis recti without surgery? (3:45)

How long does it take to correct DR? (5:15)

Can Diastasis Recti be fixed after years? (5:49)

Is DR permanent? (6:36)

Can you heal Diastasis and it comes back? (7:04)

Can exercise heal Diastasis Recti? (8:11)

What’s up with plank? (9:47)

Does walking reduce Diastasis Recti? (10:34)

Why it’s so important for moms to be able to feel their own Diastasis (11:01)

What to look out for as symptoms of pain from Diastasis (11:22)

What role does exhaustion play in your repair (or delay of repair)? (12:27)

Will a belly band help with DR? (13:38)

What exercises should be avoided with Diastasis Recti? / What makes Diastasis Recti Worse? (14:59)

What are some modifications for exercises to be modified for postpartum? (16:41)

How do you know you’re doing too much when modifying intensity? (17:12)

What is the best way to know when you need to modify your intensity? (17:39)

What do you say to moms who feel like they just want to accept their DR? (17:43)

Can you lose weight with Diastasis Recti? (19:52)

Can I have a flat stomach with Diastasis Recti? (21:28)

Athletic mamas and DR! (22:14)

This is a pretty long list of questions, but if we didn't answer YOUR question about diastasis recti, please drop it in the comments below. We're here to support you!

Resources & Links

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