• Kendra Fitzgerald

It’s a Passion Planner Giveaway!!

We are super passionate about Passion Planners and they are HERE! ⁣ ⁣ We both use them to keep track of our entire lives (seriously, our ENTIRE lives) and to say we are obsessed is an understatement.

What’s more…we were selected to spread the love within our community and have 75 planners to GIVE AWAY to help you take action and create the motherhood you love.

Are you in??⁣ ⁣ Apply now for a chance to receive a FREE planner!*

(If you want to guarantee that you get a passion planner, you can also enroll in a course and you’ll automatically receive one for free!)⁣

If you don’t know about these planners, prepare to get excited. 🙂 There are so many possibilities for how to use them – setting goals for yourself (that are truly inspiring and reflect your current dreams for your motherhood), keeping track of appointments, workouts, water, sleep (or lack thereof), even memories you want to keep about being a mom.

Here are a few reasons we love them, from Nicole:

1) it’s rose gold 😍 2) it’s compact – fits in my purse, but big enough to write with my biggish handwriting 3) perfect balance of order and space to add random things as they come up (because they always do..) 4) paper quality is divine for both pencil and pen — no smudging or fading 5) the built-in bookmark 6) the cool pocket at the end – secret little spot but holds so much 7) the different types of blank and grid paper at the end – and plenty of it 8) the nifty elastic band keeps a few loose inserts I store inside 9) the cool printables they give you for free on their website to customize your sheets 10) it’s an awesome company that gives away 100,000 planners so we can spread the love!!! ❤️🌈

We love these planners so much and we hope you will too. They are seriously the BEST. Apply now for a chance to get one free!*

*Applications are due Tuesday, April 30th @ 5pm EST. Winners will be notified via email on Friday, May 3rd, and we will ship them out to you the following week. *U.S. Domestic only. ⁣ ⁣


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