Postpartum Repair Module 6: Practice & Integrate It

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Module 6 Movement Practice & Meditation

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Module 6 Practice Collection

Module 6 Meditation

Sitting Practice Module 6: Opening to Support & Community

In this module’s sitting practice, we’re exploring the concepts of Support and Community.

We are mothers and deeply devoted to our families and, by now, also to ourselves. However, it’s all too common to fall into the role of super-mom trying to do it all. We really are not meant to do it all.

Numerous studies have shown that social support is the most powerful protection against overwhelm caused by stress. It’s essential to our well-being to feel supported and connected to a community of others who have the capacity to support us. The hardest part of receiving support is being willing to let go…at first a little, and eventually a lot. The more you surrender, the more you have space to receive.

This guided color meditation will help you gently open to the energy of receiving. It will help you practice letting go in order to receive the gifts of love, support and community available all around you right now.

“Have only love in your heart for others. The more you see the good in them, the more you will establish good in yourself.” -P. Yogananda

Allow yourself to sit for a few moments of stillness, close your eyes, listen and enjoy your sitting practice now.

Let’s begin!

Module 6 Movement - Complete Practice (55 Minutes)


Module 6 Movement - Stretch & Release (28 Minutes)

Module 6 Movement - Beginner Squat Sequence (32 min)

Module 6 Movement - Intermediate Squat Practice (32 min)


Module 6 Movement - Advanced Squat Practice (41 min)


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