Postpartum Repair Week 1: Practice & Integrate It

Week 1 Movement Practice & Meditation

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Week 1 Practice Collection

Week 1 Meditation

Sitting Practice Week 1: Return to Wholeness (9 min)

In this first sitting practice, we’re exploring the concept of Wholeness.

It’s easy to feel disjointed during this postpartum period – our bodies don’t feel like our own, our new life doesn’t look familiar, and our emotions feel like waves.

The beauty of yoga and meditation practice is that it allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you’re constantly trying to fit broken pieces together.

Find a comfortable place to sit, maybe while feeding or holding your baby, and allow your body this chance to experience whole-body balance and peace.

Let’s begin!

Week 1 Movement Complete Practice (53 Minutes)

Week 1 Movement - Abdominal Canister Practice (20 Minutes)

Week 1 Movement - Standing Practice (31 Minutes)

Pelvic Floor Practice (13:05 minutes)

Postpartum Yoga Flow Practice (10 Minutes)

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