Postpartum Repair Module 2: Final Assessment

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Postpartum Repair Module 2: Final Assessment

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Your Module 2 Assessment

Time to re-assess!

SOMETHING TO KNOW: Now that you have more knowledge, your score might actually DROP, and that’s OK! Why? Because now that you have more knowledge, you might be able to answer the questions with more certainty and less guessing. For example: Usually the pelvic floor is the biggest ah-ha for women in Module 2. When you took the initial assessment you might have thought you were activating the pelvic floor, however now that you know the mechanics of pelvic floor activation it can feel like “OMG, I thought I could feel my pelvic floor but I really can’t!!” At the same time, don’t worry!!

**Remember: There are no right or wrong answers, and you cannot fail this assessment and there are no judgements.**

You will continue to make progress throughout the next 4 weeks, and your assessments will continue to improve!


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