Postpartum Repair Module 3 Welcome

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Welcome to Module 3!

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What's in Store for Module 3

In this Module we’re all about posture! (We bet you sat up a little taller when you read that, didn’t you?)

You know posture changes dramatically during pregnancy, and those changes continue into postpartum if we don’t do anything about them.

First things first – before you watch the video below, STOP! We want you to have someone take a picture of your normal posture.

Here’s how to do it:

* Turn to one side.
* Make sure your entire body, from head to feet, is visible.
* Take 5 steps in place and then hold right there.
* Have the person take a photo of you from the side, and another from the front. (Self-timer photos work too!)

Now, upload these two photos in the private group! There is no judgement, and we are all starting from the same place. Change can only happen when there is awareness.

The Ponytail Posture Lift Trick

We’re going to dissect your posture a bit deeper in the next section, but here is a super easy trick to shifting your posture in seconds.

NOW, using the ponytail posture trick, have someone take another side-view photo of your posture. How did it change?
Post it in the private group!