Postpartum Repair Module 4: Practice & Integrate It

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Module 4 Movement Practice & Meditation

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Module 4 Practice Collection

Module 4 Meditation

Sitting Practice Module 4: Cultivating Positivity & Love Within Meditation  (18 Minutes)

As we start working toward new goals and making shifts in our life to make room for the necessary daily exercise and care of ourselves, it can be common for negativity to crop up. Things like, “there really is just no time,” or “I am so tired all the time,” or “My body will never be the same.”

What’s important to notice about these thoughts is that they usually do not happen in isolation. When we have one, it tends to bring along a whole string of them! We follow all of them, and before we know it we’re watching an imaginary movie trailer in our minds for the saddest, darkest, most hopeless story we’ve ever heard.

Mindfulness can be a very powerful tool–beginning with first observing the existence of these thoughts. Once we notice them, we can choose to shift our attention to something more positive. Or at least something neutral–like the breath. When you redirect your focus to your breath, it’s like you are pushing a “reset” button and giving yourself something more helpful to focus on.

In this module’s sitting practice, we’re going to get skillful with feeling positive feelings and redirecting them back to ourselves. Sometimes when we are in a negative place, flipping the switch to feel happy and loving with ourselves is not easy. This simple method makes cultivating positivity happen naturally and effortlessly. You can practice this often. Use the audio repeatedly for the next week or two. Once you have it down, feel free to practice without the guidance.

Remember, it’s a practice. So the more we learn to notice when our thinking goes down the negative path, them more chances we have to practice shifting to something more supportive. Over time, these shifts become more natural and effortless.

“If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.” -Anonymous.

Let’s begin!

Module 4 Movement Complete Practice (62 Minutes)

Fire up your core, practice your bracing technique and then stretch it all out in this 62 minute practice. We’ll start with the exercises from the tutorials to get right into your core, then move to a few standing poses where we’ll integrate the bracing into movements with breath. Finally, we’ll introduce the advancement toward plank, and end with some delicious stretches to leave you feeling great!

Equipment you’ll need for this practice:
– a washcloth or small towel
– a small kid’s ball or pilates ball

Module 4 Movement - Abdominal Bracing Sequence (42 Minutes)

This 42 minute floor-only practice is solely focused on the abdominal core work, integrating the exercises from the tutorials in the previous section. You’ll activate your deep core muscles, test your bracing skills, and then finish with a delicious stretch.

Equipment you’ll need for this practice:
– a washcloth or small towel
– a small kid’s ball or pilates ball

Module 4 Movement - Standing Bracing Sequence (37 Minutes)

This 37 minute standing practice focuses on integrating abdominal canister bracing into standing poses. Test your bracing skills in standing movements, practice your plank (*or variation thereof!) and side plank. Then finish with some of our favorite upper back stretches.

Equipment you’ll need for this practice:
– a yoga mat

Module 4 Movement: Plank Practice (23 Minutes)


This 23-minute practice video will guide you in working toward plank. Please remember that plank is an advanced exercise and should ONLY be done if you can properly pressurize your abdominals on all 4’s first (i.e. absolutely no doming, coning, outward pressure on the line of diastasis or downward pressure on your pelvic floor).

If you are unsure whether you’re ready for plank, please reach out to us and we can help you determine if you’re ready. Integrity first!!

Do you have questions about the practices, need some feedback on your form, or craving accountability? Join us over in the private group, you’ll find the support you need! Click the button to join the conversation.