Postpartum Repair Module 5: Practice & Integrate it

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Module 5 Movement Practice & Meditation

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Module 5 Practice Collection

Module 5 Meditation

Sitting Practice Module 5: Connecting to your strength and resilience

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

In this week’s sitting practice, we’re working with a focus on building strength and a perspective of resilience. Although we often think that we are just “recovering” from birth, the transition to becoming a mother is much more significant and life-altering. We’ve already established that pregnancy and birth is a kind of trauma to the body, and it’s most helpful to adopt approaches that respect the massive shifts that have taken place.

What we really mean is we are becoming more resilient. Recovery is more about regaining possession of something lost or stolen; resilience is more about elasticity–the ability to spring back and keep going. The book, Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges, identifies a whole set of qualities that enable people to bounce back from stress and trauma. These perspectives can certainly be applied to help you practice resilience postpartum and in your life as a mom. The qualities that help build resilience include realistic optimism, seeing fears as opportunities, social support, altruism, spirituality, having role models, physical and brain fitness, cognitive and emotional flexibility, meaning and purpose.

We believe in supporting mamas to move intelligently with attention and connection to themselves. These skills are enabling you to live a more holistic, healing, meaningful and resilient life as a mother.

This week’s sitting practice is designed to help you embody feelings of strength and resilience. Like a majestic mountain that remains unchanged despite the season, time of day or weather conditions that may come and go, you too have the ability to be strong and resilient.

Take this moment to appreciate your own resilience.

Let’s begin!

Module 5 Movement - Complete Practice (55 Minutes)


Module 5 Movement - Stretch & Release (28 Minutes)

Module 5 Movement - Beginner Squat Sequence (32 min)

Module 5 Movement - Intermediate Squat Practice (32 min)


Module 5 Movement - Advanced Squat Practice (41 min)


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