Power Protein Balls Recipe

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These delicious Power Balls will last in the refrigerator for a week and can also be made ahead of time and put in freezer. A shareable version of this recipe can be found at the bottom of this post.

– 16 oz. almond butter (you can use peanut butter or cashew butter, too)
– 14 oz. honey
– 3/4 blender full of rolled oats (not the instant kind)
– Bowl full of crispy rice, coconut or sesame seeds

Optional Healthy Extras:
– 2 spoonfuls rice protein powder,
– 1 spoonful nutritional yeast
– 2 tablespoons of spirulina
– bee pollen

1. Mix almond butter and honey together in a bowl.
2. Put oats in a blender and blend until they assume a powder-like texture.
3. Add oats to nut butter/honey mixture and mix well. Adjust consistency if necessary. You can add any of the “healthy extras” at this point.
4. Roll batter into small balls. Roll balls in your choice of crispy rice, coconut or sesame seeds.

*Yields 35-40 powerballs. Thanks to Jennifer McKinley, HHC, for this recipe! (and to Christi Lehner, www.bostonhealthcoach.com, for passing it on to me!)

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Power Protein Balls Recipe

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