Postpartum Repair Module 4 Practices

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Week 4 Movement Practice & Meditation

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Week 4 Practice Collection

Week 4 Meditation

Sitting Practice Week 4: Cultivating Love Within Meditation  (18 Minutes)

In this week’s sitting practice, we’re exploring the concept of cultivating love within.

Last week, your sitting practice helped_____

Let’s begin!

Week 4 Movement Complete Practice (62 Minutes)

Fire up your core, practice your bracing technique and then stretch it all out in this 62 minute practice. We’ll start with the exercises from the tutorials to get right into your core, then move to a few standing poses where we’ll integrate the bracing into movements with breath. Finally, we’ll introduce the advancement toward plank, and end with some delicious stretches to leave you feeling great!

Equipment you’ll need for this practice:
– a washcloth or small towel
– a small kid’s ball or pilates ball

Week 4 Movement - Abdominal Bracing Sequence (42 Minutes)

This 42 minute floor-only practice is solely focused on the abdominal core work, integrating the exercises from the tutorials in the previous section. You’ll activate your deep core muscles, test your bracing skills, and then finish with a delicious stretch.

Equipment you’ll need for this practice:
– a washcloth or small towel
– a small kid’s ball or pilates ball

Week 4 Movement - Standing Bracing Sequence (37 Minutes)

This 37 minute standing practice focuses on integrating abdominal canister bracing into standing poses. Test your bracing skills in standing movements, practice your plank (*or variation thereof!) and side plank. Then finish with some of our favorite upper back stretches.

Equipment you’ll need for this practice:
– a yoga mat

Week 4 Movement: Plank Practice (23 Minutes)


This 23-minute practice video will guide you in working toward plank. Please remember that plank is an advanced exercise and should ONLY be done if you can properly pressurize your abdominals on all 4’s first (i.e. absolutely no doming, coning, outward pressure on the line of diastasis or downward pressure on your pelvic floor).

If you are unsure whether you’re ready for plank, please reach out to us and we can help you determine if you’re ready. Integrity first!!

Do you have questions about the practices, need some feedback on your form, or craving accountability? Join us over in the private group, you’ll find the support you need! Click the button to join the conversation.

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