Progress, Not Perfection

It can be tempting to want to do all the preparations, all the practices, all the reading, (all the sleeping!) right this red hot minute. But the reality is we simply do not want everything we’ve ever wanted or ever will want all at once.

Like our Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the small bites of different flavors throughout the day, the myriad of conversations, the variety of experiences that each hour of that familiar day gives us that make the day overall satisfying and leave us looking forward to it again next year.

Birth is the same way.

It unfolds. You do not have to contend with ALL of the contractions, ALL of the decisions, ALL of the rest, ALL of the emotions all piled into one massive minute. THANK GOODNESS! In the moment by moment progress toward your baby’s arrival, you can release the unknown and settle into gratefulness for each moment’s experience.

Mothering a newborn is the same way.

You do not have to change ALL the diapers, soothe ALL the cries, play ALL the games. In the moment by moment care of the baby that is in front of you now, you can release the uncertainty of how it will ALL play out and sink into appreciation- for that intelligence that his/her little soul possesses and its desire to communicate with you.

Taking care of yourself is the same way.

You do not have to drink ALL the water, walk ALL the miles, take ALL the baths, get ALL the massages, drink ALL the tea, schedule ALL the appointments right this minute. In the moment by moment unfolding of your day, trust that the timing of your progress toward creating your new life as a mom is absolutely perfect.

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Progress, Not Perfection

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