The 5 Postpartum Moves You Don’t Want to Skip

If you’ve been around us long enough, you know we encourage new moms to move as soon as possible after giving birth.

But what do you do??

We have you covered. Check out these five essential moves to help you realign and recenter after giving birth.

1- Productive Rest – The most productive rest is with electronics off, your body still and your breath full. When you prioritize rest, your body has more energy and you’ll recover faster from any exercise you do get.

* Yoga move to try: Legs up the wall. For extra grounding, add an eye pillow and warm blanket.

2 – Pelvic Floor & Core – The secret doorway to whittling down your waist is the pelvic floor. Pregnancy puts stress on the pelvic floor and core. So starting here is essential to doing all other exercise safely.

* Yoga move to try: Supported bridge on a block, with added Mula bandha (pelvic floor lift) and Ujjayi breath (hugging navel AND ribs to spine on the exhale to activate slimming “corset” muscles).

3 – Legs for Stamina – With your glutes being the biggest muscles in your body, your legs are your superpower. When they are strong, the rest of your body feels powerful.

* Yoga move to try: Warrior II on each leg with your gaze steady.

4 – Strong Back – The effects of rounding over baby, holding that heavy car seat and generally trying to do everything one-handed takes a toll on your upper body. Inversions are the single best kind of move to turn things around.

* Yoga move to try: Downward facing dog with knees bent, hips reaching up and back, and ribs drawing down toward the pelvis.

5 – Open Your Heart – Finally, after caring for yourself in the first four moves, your body and heart are ready to open. Melt into loving yourself as a fit, vibrant mom.

* Yoga move to try: Baby cobra or upward dog with soft elbows.


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The 5 Postpartum Moves You Don't Want to Skip

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