The Simple Formula to Achieving Your Postpartum Fitness Goals

The postpartum time is like no other time in your life. Your life (and body) have been turned upside down and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, alone and stressed with all the new responsibilities in front of you.

But you are not alone. We want to do everything we can to help change the way you think about your wellbeing and fitness as a mother. We hear all the time about how daunting it feels to take care of yourself and get fit (without setbacks).

Feeling great is far more possible than you think it is, and it’s not nearly as hard as you fear it will be.

We, the Postpartum Sisters, have a very specific approach to postpartum fitness that we’ve cultivated over decades of teaching and training (and being moms ourselves), and we want to share it with you.

We were both trained by renowned Physical Therapist Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall. The Devoted Mamas postpartum method is based in her teachings, grounded in science and complements your Pelvic Floor PT treatments perfectly.

Learn more about the simple formula to achieving your postpartum fitness goals!


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The Simple Formula to Achieving Your Postpartum Fitness Goals

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