Module 3: Posture Assessment

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Module 3 Posture Assessment

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Neutral Posture "Stacking"

The natural curves of your back give your spine the springiness it needs to withstand the pressure, twisting and external forces we put on it every single day. Keeping good posture is the best way to ensure your spine (and neck / hips / back) stays healthy!

What is optimal neutral posture? Think stacking.

Ideally, we want to be able to draw a straight line from:
your ear –> your shoulder –> the middle of your hip –> your knee –> your ankle.

In the image below, notice the difference in the posture stacking from the person on the left to the person on the right. As you can tell, we want to aim for the posture on the right.

Now, grab the side-view posture photo you took in the beginning of this module. Draw lines from your ear –> your shoulder –> the middle of your hip –> your knee –> your ankle and check out your stacking – where are you in (and out) of alignment?

Speaking of optimal posture, check out this image of what happens to our necks when we hunch over our phones – or in our case, our babies!

Look how much our heads weigh when we lean forward!!

Keep this image in mind when we get to the anatomy section. 🙂

How To: Do a Posture Assessment

Download your posture assessment PDF here to record your findings from this first posture assessment.
Then post your results in the forum!

Why Hunched Posture = Back and Neck Pain!

Tell us how your assessment went in the private group!
Which parts of the posture assessment felt challenging? What areas do you feel you have room for the most improvement? Share with us!

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