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Functional Core During Pregnancy WORKSHOP (Cranford, NJ/Livestream)




Sat. June 10th, 2023 | 1:00-3:00pm EST

About the Class

Learn the essential techniques to keep your core (safely) strong throughout your pregnancy, so you can have less back pain in pregnancy, an easier birth, and full recovery postpartum. 

If you are someone who...

  • is afraid of doing core work during pregnancy because you don’t want to hurt the baby (or yourself!)

  • doesn't want to end up with Diastasis Recti (significant abdominal separation) in postpartum 

  • feels like you’ve never been able to recover your core muscles from your previous pregnancies

  • has been told “don’t do core work during pregnancy,” so you're avoiding engaging your core and instead just 'letting it all hang out'...

You are not alone. It's really common for expectant mothers to feel hesitant about using your core muscles during pregnancy. 

The good news is that you CAN stay connected to and strong in your core through your entire pregnancy. AND it’s incredibly beneficial to you, your baby and your life as a new mom.

Join us and you will learn how to :

  • Minimize postpartum Diastasis Recti by starting in pregnancy

  • Correctly & efficiently keep your core muscles awake and strong during each trimester

  • Integrate this core engagement into your prenatal workouts (and life!)

  • Learn the important role of your core muscles in birth

  • Train your deep core muscles to help with the pushing phase of labor (and the early days of postpartum recovery!)

You’ll be able to stay in touch with your deep core muscles, minimize back pain, have a more efficient labor AND have a great foundation for a smooth postpartum recovery. 

Your Instructor(s)

Kendra Fitzgerald + Nicole Coons

Kendra Fitzgerald + Nicole Coons

We are Kendra + Nicole - sisters, moms, anatomy geeks, trauma-informed facilitators, corrective exercise specialists, and co-founders of Devoted Mamas.

We recognize that the opposite of FEAR is knowledge and understanding, so we've created programs for pregnant and postpartum people that replace OVERWHELM with EDUCATION. We also believe that perinatal movement and healing can be FUN when it's broken down into accessible, bite-sized pieces.

Our material is science-backed and packed with extended modification and explanation to empower you to connect with YOUR body’s needs. We prioritize personalized self-study and believe that learning the WHY and WHEN for each practice is just as crucial as the WHAT and HOW. Built from experience through our own journeys into motherhood, our programs and collections are the building blocks you need to create a day-to-day movement and healing routine that feels really, really good to you.

We firmly believe you can feel confident and strong in your pregnancy, birth and postpartum with the right tools - so we are going to meet you where you are, show you how parenting life can work FOR you, and illuminate the path from pregnancy to parenthood with tools we know can be easily integrated into your daily life.

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