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Working Out
in the Third Trimester
Not sure what to do? Start here!

Transform aches, pains, and fatigue of the Third Trimester into a powerful birth and strong postpartum recovery by implementing these 8 key tips.

If you missed the Podcast episode #11 where we talked about these in depth, listen here!

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Your checklist:

  1. Minimize diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction. If you keep these muscles working during pregnancy, they’ll help in the pushing phase of a vaginal birth.

  2. Minimize hip pain. In your third trimester workouts, you want to see a preference for neutral leg positions over externally rotated positions.

  3. Maintain stability. During this period, you’ll see more exercises offered with both feet on the ground.

  4. Maintain leg strength for birth and upper body strength for postpartum. Working on strengthening your hip muscles will be helpful during birth, while upper-body strength will help counteract all the lifting after the baby’s born.

  5. Maintain a range of motion to prepare for postpartum. This is for feeding the baby, putting the baby to sleep, picking the baby up, etc.

  6. Condition the body for labor. Build strong legs, hips, and core, and practice breathing awareness and muscular endurance.

  7. Condition the mind for labor. Consider developing mental positive anchors, mantras, etc.

  8. Prepare for the pushing phase of labor. The pushing phase of a vaginal birth requires a very specific pelvic floor core and breathing coordination.

Ready to put these tips into practice?

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