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What Our Clients Say...

From Postpartum Repair & Restore program clients:

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Personal Training in Pregnancy to prepare for Postpartum

Prenatal Strength + Yoga:

“I started with [Nicole's] weekly prenatal yoga classes and felt a lot of my aches and pains go away and also felt more fit. I wasn't sure how to exercise safely on my own after a small abdominal tear early on in the pregnancy, so the prenatal specific classes gave me the confidence to stay fit and safe during the months leading up to the birth. It’s worth investing and committing for yourself, your body, and your baby. ❤️ [This was the] best gift I gave to myself during pregnancy and I am committed to continue caring for myself as both my partner and baby benefit from my well being too.”

Brooke | Basking Ridge, NJ

Yoga + Personal Training

I just wanted to let you know how much your classes help me find strength, comfort and confidence in my body both during my pregnancy and now. I have been thinking of all of the things that I am grateful for recently and your class is definitely one of them! You might not know it, but you are helping women like me through such an uncertain time in our lives -- and seeing your smiling face on my screen week after week has been an anchor for me during a time when it's so easy to feel adrift. I really believe that participating in your class every week helped me to cope, stay strong, release stress and stay present during my high risk pregnancy. I was told I might be induced at 34 weeks but baby and I made it all the way to 36 1/2 weeks, healthy and happy! I think in large part that is due to the support system I had and you were a part of that for me.” - Rebecca, Brooklyn, NY


“Thank you so much for everything you do for mothers and mothers to be. I learned so much more with my second pregnancy than my first and that’s because I had your guidance. I would never have known about so many things. You helped me train my mind to be ready and accept the process without judgement. Thank you for all you do for us mothers!” - Ruzanna, Cranford, NJ


Thank you for helping me mentally prepare for the work (i.e., labor) that lies ahead! I look forward to our weekly virtual sessions and seeing your beautiful smile!” - Erin, Jersey City, NJ

“I started with the weekly prenatal yoga classes and felt a lot of my aches and pains go away and also felt more fit. I wasn't sure how to exercise safely on my own after a small abdominal tear early on in the pregnancy, so the prenatal specific classes gave me the confidence to stay fit and safe during the months leading up to the birth. It’s worth investing and committing for yourself, your body, and your baby. ❤️ [This was the] best gift I gave to myself during pregnancy and I am committed to continue caring for myself as both my partner and baby benefit from my well being too.” - Brooke, Basking Ridge, NJ

“I wanted to thank you for your prenatal teachings and to let you know that I truly looked forward to taking your class every Saturday. Your class was wonderful, informative, and made me feel good. The best prenatal yoga I’ve ever taken. Thank you again!” - Jen, Cranford, NJ


[Prenatal with Nicole] will be the most peaceful part of your pregnancy. I look back so gratefully at the bonding moments Nicole provided to us as expectant mommas.” - Julie, Cranford, NJ


“I just started prenatal private yoga sessions [with Nicole] due to some symptoms I’m having and she’s wonderful!” - Kristina, Mountainside, NJ

“I finally felt like I was doing something positive to prepare for my daughter’s birth. Before starting yoga I felt like I couldn’t control anything about this experience, but now each week I feel like I’m doing something constructive to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit. I use the tools from class in my day to day life throughout the week now. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how transferable the practice is. Now when I’m stressed or anxious I use the breathing techniques from yoga to relax. 


“I’ve been a runner most of my life. In that sport, my mindset has always been to push as hard as possible. Yoga is a totally different approach to fitness, and I’ve been surprised at how beneficial it is both for physical strength and mental well-being. I’m more flexible and experience far less daily pain and tension in my neck and back. Additionally, when anxiety about my upcoming delivery arises, I now have tools to alleviate those feelings. I feel empowered to take on whatever birth experience comes, and also that I have the tools for that feeling to carry over postpartum. This practice can only help you, physically and spiritually. It’s one way you can take charge of your preparation for birth and know that whatever happens, you did what you could do for yourself and your baby.” -Cassie, California 

“The prenatal classes with Nicole were amazing!!! I miss them very much!” -Meghan, Westfield, NJ

Birth Preparation
for Mothers & Partners

I feel more prepared and more knowledgeable about my options for birth. I also feel more optimistic about the experience in general. The class presented a perspective on birth that is new to me, but very appealing. - Meghan, Cranford, NJ


“I liked learning some techniques for coping even while I’m in the bed and being monitored. It makes me feel like I will have a little more control over my birth experience. Thank you!” - Cranford, NJ 


“Each time I work with Nicole I feel stronger, more supported and clearer with my priorities. Connecting with Nicole reminds me that I can do this, I can do it well, and I can enjoy this experience of pregnancy and birth. People around me are constantly shocked that I am looking forward to giving birth! Nicole is so excellent at what she does!" - Crystal, Italy


I loved today’s workshop and found it really helpful for partners to be present to dismiss any former preconceived notions about what labor is supposed to look like. I found the stages of labor with notes on what to focus on extremely helpful. I also found the partner practice exercises extremely useful.” - Michelle, Cranford, NJ


“I labored naturally until 8cm, had no tearing, and my weeks 0-6 recovery couldn't have been smoother this time around. I felt I was able to focus on the baby's needs and the beauty of those first newborn weeks versus medical struggles which I had with the first child.” - Brooke, Basking Ridge, NJ

“Birth planning was going well, although some things were cancelled due to the pandemic, along with a lot of doctor's appointments. From taking Nicole's prenatal yoga classes, I loved learning from her about getting in touch with my pregnant body. As it is our first pregnancy, I thought a birthing class would be helpful and reassuring. We learned so many new things we weren't aware of about the labor process! I feel much more comfortable and ready to bring this baby into the world! The idea of taking each contraction one at a time and staying in the moment. Also, my husband says he feels so much more confident that he will be able to be there for me following the class. I feel much more ready in my mind and confident in my body's ability to do what it was made for. If you 100% commit to [the Partner Workshop] you will get so much out of it! We both feel much more confident about the process and what will be happening. It is absolutely worth taking!” -Erin, 38 weeks, 1st pregnancy



“I worked with Nicole in preparation for the birth of my second daughter. Because I was so busy chasing around an adventurous toddler, I worked with Nicole mostly in one-on-one sessions that comprised yoga practice / asana, discussion, and meditation. I also participated in Nicole’s online classes that are a combination of yoga practice and guided discussion questions and journaling.


“I also enjoyed the asana practices in the online course. I liked that each practice was connected to a particular chakra – the heart practice in particular had an almost immediate effect on creating a sense of warmth and love.” - Julie, New Jersey

Postpartum Repair & Restore
Diastasis Solution | Running Training

“I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your help. You have given me my confidence back! I didn’t believe in the beginning that I would come this far and you were always able to push me to keep trying anyway. Since we had our last session my stomach [from Diastasis Recti] has come down tremendously. I still have a little ways to go but I know it can do it. I can’t wait to send you my progression photos for proof that this does work! Hopefully motivation for your future clients.” - Rachel, Florham Park, NJ

"Thank you Kendra, this [Postpartum Repair & Restore Course] is pure gold! I am now in Module 3 and I can’t say enough of the course and especially your lifestyle tips video : this was a game changer to me (when you pick up the toys on the floor especially) I had no idea my posture was so inadequate 120 times a day!!! Thank you thank you thank you for the amazing course and the great material. You’ve done an amazing job!" - Elise, Mom of 5


“The [Postpartum Repair & Restore] program has helped me really understand my body and why building strength in such an intentional way is so important. I feel like I've laid a foundation for whatever I want to do in the future and as a result, the first 12 weeks after giving birth were a completely different experience. I feel like myself again. The intensive course is really a gift to yourself--a gift of time, of strength and of self-care." -  Jill, Cranford, NJ


I felt the program gave me "permission" to start using my abs again, slowly. And gave me useful tools to build the trans-ab muscles so I can get back to my pre-pregnancy workouts. You also gave me tips on how to reduce hurting myself or overusing my back while carrying baby and nursing that I use daily." My abs feel stronger and I am more confident in my ability to use them. (ie. doing planks and crunch-like exercises). I am more familiar with my pelvic floor muscles (before this, I’m not sure I ever did kegel exercises correctly) and they are getting stronger as well.” - Becky C, NJ


I AM VERY EXCITED because [my Pelvic Floor PT] checked and my [pelvic floor] endurance from last time with a 50% hold was about 18 sec before muscles started to shake...Today it was a solid 60 sec with no shaking!!! Woohoo! She said we should keep up the good work...Thank you for partnering with me on this journey!  I have SO much more confidence to push through knowing I have your expertise and support behind me!  😘” - LR, Bethesda, MD

“I gave birth nearly a year ago and I still hadn't gained my strength back. This course helped me recommit to my body. The exercises are so simple and Kendra does such a good job of explaining how to work them into your life that you can do them anywhere, at home or between poses in yoga class. It's been only a couple weeks and I feel stronger already.” - KD, Montclair, NJ


“I loved that I can watch the videos repeatedly, and that each exercise is shown from multiple views -- very, very helpful when trying to determine if I'm "getting it”.  I also love that I'll continue to have access to the course after the "completion" date.  Having a personal trainer is not a financial possibility for us -- due to budget constraints but also time constraints in our current life phase...Having access to the course makes me feel more confident that I'll be ultimately successful in completion and maintenance, and makes the financial burden somewhat more bearable.” - LR, Maryland


"I started the course today and man I have to tell you...I wish I had gone through this prior to or right after my first or even second child. Your explanations are so eloquent in high-level terms but attainable. What you explain in the introduction is knowledge that was hard fought for me to attain in the year it took for me to go to three different doctors. My physical therapist has been piecemeal educating me on the concepts you review, but this is so comprehensive. Amazing course! " - Natalie, Cranford, NJ

"Before this course, I felt my body didn't go back the same after my last baby. I really liked understanding the muscles and how they are connected. I can’t say enough good things about this [course]. If you want to really understand your postpartum recovery and your body, this course is for you. I had a few ah-ha moments during the session. I feel like I understand my core muscles better." - Lisa, Cranford, NJ

Fitness information I can trust, and integrate ...After having kids, I’ve struggled with the double challenge of a weakened core and diminished time to do anything about it. Quick home workouts are my only sustainable option right now, but it’s hard to sort through or know whether to trust the countless workouts out there. That trust factor is the best thing about Kendra’s course. In her friendly but no-nonsense videos, she explains the anatomy behind the exercises and the reason for each one, and she sets realistic expectations that have to do with building lifelong strength and stability. It’s clear that Kendra understands the way most people approach fitness in real life. The course is organized into brief modules I've been able to work through at my own pace with no special equipment. She anticipated many of my questions in the videos, and she's been encouraging and helpful in answering additional queries personally. (It's hard to overstate the benefit of that access to her expertise!) The videos even pre-empted ways I was tempted to cut corners by demonstrating incorrect as well as correct form, and explaining why the difference is so important. The bottom line is relief at having found a fitness routine I will actually incorporate into my daily life, because I can be confident I am doing it properly and that I will be stronger as a result. - N.T., Boston, MA


A whole new perspective on how to exercise. I have been doing pilates on and off for a decade, so I thought I knew my body--especially my core--pretty well. Turns out I was wrong! This course taught me how to connect with my core and how to tell when I'm not doing an exercise properly. When I took what I learned here and applied it to my pilates  practice, suddenly pilates became challenging again! I realized I wasn't doing the exercises exactly right and was able to self-correct rather than needing to get a one-on-one lesson. Even though I cheated a bit and moved on from some of the really challenging exercises before I had mastered them (don't tell!), I can see how I'll be using what I learned here throughout my life, which is what Kendra promises from the beginning. At first I wasn't sure, but as the exercises became more difficult, it all fell into place. Just today I recommended this course to someone in my pilates class who was saying she didn't know if she was doing an exercise right, and I would recommend it to anyone--pilates or not--because it's a great way to know your body better.” - Laura F, NYC

“Thank you for sharing this very informative course! I found the explanations to be thoughtful and understandable and your recommendations novel (to me!) and useful.- Melanie F, Colorado

"This course gave me the physical tools to strengthen my core and insight into the emotional / spiritual work I need to do…and why. Don’t put off this essential work one more moment. You need and deserve this to be the best woman and therefore Mom you can be!" - Valerie, Cranford, NJ


"I learned some practical and useful exercises, like learning to use the breath to activate my core.  This course is useful, practical, energizing and healing. I would encourage new moms to invest the time in themselves." - Amy, NJ


"This [Postpartum Repair & Restore] course gave me easy to understand practices that immediately made me feel a difference. I was able to find my pelvic floor and understand how to engage it. The course gave me peace of mind that I can be repaired!" - Jennifer, NJ


"I wanted to thank you for putting your course out into the universe! It is so well done and incredibly results driven. I'm not even through all the exercises and I'm already feeling my core again. There's all these subtle adjustments and engagement with my core throughout my day that I have not experienced in many years." - Cheryl, NJ


“Finally figuring it out to keep my ribs over my pelvis and adjust my posture and practice to accommodate this. I’ve been working on this for years and finally after week 1 into 2, something clicked! Prior to the [Postpartum Repair & Restore course my approach felt disjointed, but with my abdominal canister and pelvic floor working together I feel like I’m so much better at aligning myself. So far I completed week 1+2 and like both very much. I dig how the anatomy and understanding comes first followed by exercises and integration. - Amanda, NY

“Kegels used to be a chore, but now I find myself doing abdominal canister breaths throughout my day, naturally. I love that I have greater awareness of my pelvic floor. Also, the Facebook support is great. I went for my first run since August 2019 today and felt strong. No pressure or incontinence at all.” - Private Client, HI

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