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AKA the Postpartum Sisters (yes, we’re actually sisters–and moms!).

As Prenatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialists and yoga teachers, our goal is to help you access your deepest levels of strength and vitality through the wild and sacred journey of motherhood.

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I'm Growing my Baby

Congrats mama-to-be! You’re in the right place if staying fit through each stage of pregnancy is a priority. You want to maintain your core strength, reduce stress, and really enjoy this nine-month ride while making room for baby. Jump in and practice along with us!

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I'm Getting Ready for Birth

As your labor progresses, your physical and emotional needs will change. Practicing the right mindset, breathing, body positions and hands-on support techniques before labor can greatly enhance your (and your partner’s!) experience during labor. Get all the birth preparation you need with us from the comfort of home before the big day.

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I'm Recovering From Birth

You’ve just had your baby and may be thinking “what do I do now?!”

We’ve whittled the process of recovering from birth down to the most essential and most effective practices you can learn (and do!) in small pockets of time during early postpartum – even in the hospital bed. Pave your path to a strong recovery, starting now!

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I'm strengthening inside-out.

As we like to say, once postpartum, always postpartum.

Whether you are months or years postpartum, it is never too late to get started bringing your strength and vitality to the next level. In fact, your hormones are more balanced the further postpartum you are, and anything you do is likely to “stick” for you faster now. So let’s get you moving and feeling better, starting today!

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Progress, Not Perfection

It can be tempting to want to do all the preparations, all the practices, all the reading, (all the sleeping!) right this red hot minute. But the reality is we simply do not want everything we’ve ever wanted or ever will want all at once. Like our Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the small bites of different […]

Fit in your workouts without anxiety

I have to be honest. Finding time to workout is one of my BIGGEST challenges…and I teach other people how to workout it for a living! So when a client or student tells me they didn’t have time to work out, I get it. I totally GET IT.⁣ ⁣ Obviously there is an entire conversation […]

Pro-Tip: How to get back to swimming in postpartum

  Swimming is an awesome way to exercise in postpartum. It feels soooo good to float and glide in the water! No wonder our babies love being in the womb so much. 🙂 Here are a few notes to remember when you start swimming post-baby: 🏊‍ Keep your ribs down as you pull your arm […]

What People are Saying About Devoted Mamas

Natalie - Testimonial for Devoted Mamas


I started the Postpartum: Repair & Restore course today and man I have to tell you…I wish I had gone through this prior to or right after my first or even second child. Your explanations are so eloquent in high-level terms but attainable.

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Crystal - Testimonial for Devoted Mamas


If you are seeking an empowered birth process, a calm inner state and a reconnection to trust in our own powerful ability to positively birth our children, I recommend you start this course now!

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