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Kendra Fitzgerald on a foam roller doing postpartum core exercises

Prenatal + Postpartum (& Beyond!)
Core & Pelvic Floor
Exercise Training

in Montclair, NJ

New Jersey-Based Specialists: Prenatal Yoga, Pregnancy Strength, Corrective Training For Diastasis, a Strong Core and Pelvic Floor

Helping moms stay strong and pain-free in pregnancy, empowered in birth, reclaim their strength in postpartum and into menopause.

* We are based in New Jersey and also see clients virtually, across the globe!

What if….
  • You could have a strong pregnancy & erradicate pain and discomfort.

  • You felt ready to rock your birth, confident you could handle any curve ball like a boss.

  • You could recover fully in postpartum - even YEARS after your births, get your core and pelvic floor strength back and get back to activities you love without pain and leaking.

It's all possible!
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Hi there!

We are Nicole + Kendra – Devoted Mamas, and sisters.


We’ve been teaching students in movement and mindfulness for over 20 years (and have been moms for over 15!). With each of our own pregnancy + postpartum experiences, we understood more and more just how important the CORRECT MOVEMENT is for pregnancy and postpartum, and also how hard it is to find reliable guidance.


This led us to develop clear methods to support mothers from pregnancy through postpartum. 

Since Devoted Mamas' founding in 2017, we’ve given hundreds of moms - from all over the

world - the tools to stay connected and strong in their bodies during pregnancy, claim their joy in birth, and find wholeness in postpartum recovery.

If you're ready for that too, check out our pregnancy and postpartum programs, or book a free exploration call to learn more about how we can support you!

Which Stage of Motherhood Are You In?

Strength Training & Yoga for all stages of your motherhood journey:

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What our clients say...

Testimonial postpartum running
Prenatal Expecting to Flourish Testimonial
A postpartum testimonial image with the text I had a PT assessment yesterday for some tingling in my mid-back (thank you, 20 pound baby). As part of the assessment, the PT examined me for diastasis recti. Below the belly button, I am 100% CLOSED! Behind and above the belly button, I have a 1 finter opening, considered "normal". She asked me to do 5 crunches, and saw NO doming / coning! I owe it all to this course. When I started at 6 weeks postpartum, I had a 4 finger separation from my c-section scar up to my rib cage. I couldn't lift my head off the ground without doming. 8 months later, I continue to incorporate all I learned into my daily movement and my exercise routine. I'm so excited about my progress! Lastly - I LOVE the shortened videos. I just did a 10 minute bracing one tonight to continue working on that belly button area. Thank you Kendra and Nicole!
Testimonial Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I feel strong and found myself again faster after my son than I did with my daughter and I think a big part of that was taking this time and investing in myself with your support. I've had pelvic floor problems from giving birth to my daughter that no one  seemed to be able to or want to fix and you both listened and within a few weeks I had already seen improvement and things have only gotten better since, so I really can't thank you enough!
testimonial postpartum running 3 miles
Prenatal core testimonial I've really been looking for exactly what you're offering. The programs I've tested out make me cranky because they don't have enough information on the physiology and the why, and they are either super sickly sweet sentimental, or pretty patronizing. And most of the prenatal exercise courses are so elementary that it feels like wasted time. Devoted mamas is pretty perfect for me so far!
Diastasis Recti recovery testimonial postpartum exercise
postpartum recovery testimonial diastasis recti
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