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Birth Prep + Recovery

"[My birth] was great, I felt like I was in control the whole time and I have to thank you, the program and the amount of information and education on the whole process!!! Laboring is a much more complex, personal and out-of-body experience then people really provide context on and I feel so excited and happy to have spent the time learning and getting up to speed on the process. Thank you for your go further with my practice."

Marinela E. | Cranford, NJ | VBAC mama

Why should you prepare for Birth and Postpartum Recovery?

Because birth is not a finish line.
Far too often, birth is where the world stops focusing on moms and birthing people. But postpartum is actually where birthing people need the most support, and pregnancy is the time to set up good practices and your community of support.


Here’s what usually happens: In pregnancy, we find a great rhythm with a community of support and friendship, and maybe even a workout routine we love. We feel supported and ‘together’ as we get closer to our due date. We make it to our birth and our sweet baby is laying on our chest and it feels like we’ve “made it”...


But let’s be real. At birth, the journey is only beginning.


We believe that moms deserve to feel empowered and equipped to manage their pregnancy-through-postpartum wellbeing.

After working with prenatal clients from all over the world, we’ve narrowed down the the essentials that you and your partner need to feel ready for birth -- no matter if your plan
is an unmedicated birth, VBAC or C-section.

Empowering experiences:

The most valuable part of working with Nicole was the work we did to re-process both the trauma and joy of my first birth, and to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for this birth. The two most important things I leveraged from our sessions together were mindfulness and acceptance. I was able to let go of a lot of expectations that things needed to happen a certain way."
-Julie, NJ

“I loved today’s workshop and found it really helpful for partners to be present to dismiss any former preconceived notions about what labor is supposed to look like. I found the stages of labor with notes on what to focus on extremely helpful. I also found the partner practice exercises extremely useful.”
- Michelle, Cranford, NJ


“Feeling more confident going into the birth was a significant shift for me. I believe my labor went smoothly this time because of what I learned in our yoga classes and partner workshop. Nicole has a wealth of knowledge from tips on preparing the body to the most practical ways of how to approach birth, different position options, anatomy, and more. [During the Partner Workshop] I was able to share some concerns and talk about the plan in a safe and educated space, where my husband and I probably wouldn’t have discussed it on our own or have gotten very far, so it felt like we were on the same page going into the day. That right there was a huge accomplishment and gift!"


"From taking Nicole's prenatal yoga classes, I loved learning from her about getting in touch with my pregnant body. As it is our first pregnancy, I thought a birthing class would be helpful and reassuring. We learned so many new things we weren't aware of about the labor process! I feel much more comfortable and ready to bring this baby into the world!"
Erin, 38 weeks, first pregnancy!
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