A Diastasis Recti Client Progress Story

I love it when our clients make progress, especially when it comes to Diastasis Recti. Closing the gap can help relieve not only physical pain but also the mental defeat that comes along with not feeling 'at home' in your body.

This client came to me with a 4-finger wide and 2-knuckle deep diastasis. She felt frustrated that her belly shape was not improving and she couldn't access her entire core.

Over a 6-month period, we met 5 times over zoom for 30-minute sessions and with each session, she left with a set of exercises to do on her own. We talked about her typical routine and exercises that she could habit-stack with things she did on a daily basis...like changing the baby, brushing her teeth and getting up and down off the floor - even incorporating her baby into her routine.

In six months, she has seen fantastic progress! Each time we met we made slight adjustments to her posture or movement patterns and her exercises were tweaked to increase the intensity of the exercises as her body got used to the movements.

“I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your help. You have given me my confidence back! I didn’t believe in the beginning that I would come this far and you were always able to push me to keep trying anyway. Since we had our last session my stomach [from Diastasis Recti] has come down tremendously. I still have a little ways to go but I know it can do it. I can’t wait to send you my progression photos for proof that this does work! Hopefully motivation for your future clients.”

During our sessions, it was important that we worked together to find exercises that she felt were easy to integrate into her daily mom life because she knew she would not have time to exercise in the traditional format (ie, get dressed, get all the equipment, set aside 30 min of uninterrupted time...etc). So we teamed up and made that happen!

But the most important part? Her consistency and her willingness to own the work. She took the exercises we did in our sessions and made every effort to practice them.

One week out and omg!!! What a difference that made since I changed my posture!!! You are a miracle worker and I never would have been able to figure this out on my own. So thank you!!! Still not done but I want you to see what my journey looks like so far.

I couldn't be more excited to see her progress continue, and I know she is too!

So mama, are you struggling with Diastasis Recti and needing some help too? I would love to help! Reach out and schedule a 15-minute discovery chat, or go straight to booking some private sessions. You won't regret it. (You'll probably just wish you had reached out sooner. :) )


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