A Simple Way to Deal with Acute Tension Pain in your Neck

If you have a child, you’ve had neck pain. We know, because we’ve been there many times.

You know the kind…you wake up in the morning after sleeping for what feels like 5 minutes and suddenly *snap!* you can’t move your head all the way in one direction or the other. Or the nagging tension that slowly creeps into your shoulders and upper back while you’re holding your baby just-so so he doesn’t wake up if you move, and your neck locks down.

Added to this tension, we walk around all day with a forward-head posture – carrying babies, looking at phones, even standing. All of which creates tightness in our necks from holding up a 10-12 pound head, which ends up feeling like 20 pounds once we add the pull of gravity.

The little muscles at the back of the skull (called the suboccipitals) can only hold so much tension.

Did you know this tightness can also cause tension headaches?? These muscles have a fascial (tissue) connection to the dura tissue surrounding the brain. By releasing the subocciptals, head tension may be released too.

While this technique may not cure your pain immediately, it should relieve some of the tension so you get some of your range of motion back.

What you need:

All you need is a tennis ball! If you have 2, even better – stick them in a long sock and tie off the end. The space will between them will provide just enough room for your spine.

Let us know how it works for you!



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