The Two Missing Links to Your Diastasis Recti Repair & Deep Core Engagement

July is Diastasis Recti awareness month, and Nicole and I have been knee-deep in DR info. I spent about 3 hours looking at SO many videos on YouTube about healing Diastasis Recti because...research! And two things really surprised me when I was watching these workouts and 'how to' videos.

1 - They are leaving out a key piece of the puzzle.

Some phrases I heard over and over again:

"Pull your navel back to your spine"

"Pull your abs in"

"Suck your belly back"

"Tilt your pelvis back"

"Tighten and pull the belly button back!"

Here is what is good about these statements:

The exercises they give are great at strengthening the deep transverse abdominal core muscles.

But what they are leaving out is a crucial part of Diastasis Recti healing and it might make your recovery a lot longer AND leave you with a lot of questions.

Watch the video below to find out the crucial aspect.

2- Not addressing the fluidity of the connective tissue of the core and explaining how things should FEEL.

I hear this being said a lot:

“If it feels good”

“The next step is”

How do you know what “if it feels good” means? How do you know if you’re using the right muscles? How do you know if you’re using the wrong muscles? How do you know if you’re making things worse? And most importantly, can you actually make progress following that advice? Watch the video below to learn more!


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