What the heck is corrective exercise?

There is ‘regular’ exercise which keeps your muscles strong and your body healthy when you are well-aligned and in balance. You feel great! And then there is CORRECTIVE exercise which helps when things go awry - maybe with a nagging shoulder issue or hip pain that isn’t enough to send you to the MD or PT, but enough to be annoying.

Corrective exercise use specific exercises for your body to correct mis-alignments and muscle imbalances in the body that are causing pain (or could cause pain).

We use corrective techniques often with our clients who are finishing Physical Therapy after an injury and transitioning back into ‘regular’ exercise.

Which is exactly why corrective exercise is so helpful in the perinatal phase - because of the vast injuries our bodies sustain through pregnancy & postpartum. (Yes, injuries….and if you’re about to rant at us that we’re being dramatic about the injuries sustained through pregnancy, hold my coffee…).

Our bodies change at lightening speed during pregnancy, and then we mold our bodies around our children in postpartum. Tiny imbalances can turn into bigger ones over time which can then lead to pelvic pain / incontinence / diastasis / hip pain / back pain / neck pain & lots of frustration…you get the idea.

Corrective Exercise can help re-pattern and re-align your movement patterns to help you stay out of pain and feel strong!

Perinatal corrective exercise is even more specific, focusing on the after-effects of carrying a child (and then caring for the child in postpartum).

Don’t get us wrong, this work is not fancy stuff and it’s oftentimes a regression. Sometimes we have to back out of your movement patterns to re-train the brain to align in a better way, applying specific exercises to even out imbalances, and THEN go back to intensity. It can take time to ‘set’ in your body…but when it does, WHOA NELLY.

This is what I love most about corrective exercise. It’s incredibly detail-oriented and specific, and the results from using it are often pretty subtle but life changing. And for an anatomy nerd like myself, it makes me giddy to work with clients and put on my corrective exercise hat.

Want to give it a try? The best way to experience the full effect of corrective exercise is with 1:1 sessions. That’s where we can really get into the nitty-gritty of what’s happening in YOUR body. But we also lead small-group trainings in our membership and live postpartum trainings where you can get a lot of private attention too!


Since Devoted Mamas' founding in 2017, our mission is to help you through all the stages of motherhood - stay super strong (and calm!) during pregnancy, be the BOSS of your birth, and help you bring life back to your core + pelvic floor in postpartum.

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