• Nicole Coons

You Are More Ready Than You Think

Looking out at the path ahead before we take on a new endeavor (like getting to our next level of fitness and well-being) can feel daunting. We make up lots of reasons why we’re not ready.

What I’ve found to be true is that we are far more ready than we think we are.

So the key is being willing to take that first step BEFORE we feel “ready”. Once we take that first, smallest, simplest step, the relief of having done that much is tremendous. And it propels you for the second step.

Why do we believe we’re not ready to make changes in the way we take care of ourselves?

For me, my mind chatter can sound something like this:

  1.  I want to get a better organized first

  2.  I want my kids to be more cooperative first

  3.  I want to get my husband on-board first

  4.  I want to find the program, book, teacher, class, etc. that’s going to fix everything for me first

  5.  I want to be more rested first

The reality?

These excuses are pointing to the underlying message that other people, circumstances and other things outside of me are responsible (or to blame) for my well-being.

I’ve been doing this work on myself long enough to now recognize these quickly. I know that they are not true.

Here’s the true version of the above:

  1. When I feel nourished and high-vibe from taking care of my body and spirit, I have plenty of energy to stay organized and easily discard the things that clutter my space and energy.

  2. When I step up and state how my schedule is going to look so that it includes time for my passions, my family actually has no problem with it at all! They enjoy knowing that I have unique interests, and it gives them more to talk about–it increases their sense of belonging to our unique family.

  3. Same with the hubby. He loves it when I feel vibrant and positive as a result of designing my life. Paradoxically, when I put myself first, the overflow of energy and love for him is noticeable.

  4. When I focus on the basic intention of eating well and moving and sweating my body daily (btw–the daily sweat might be a hot bath if my movement was more mindfulness based), my skin glows, my digestion is normalized, my mood is steady and it doesn’t actually matter where I source my inspiration to move.

It all works if I work it! That’s so true for me.

As we move onward, I’m stepping up to a new personal level of fitness and well-being, and these excuses are being transformed.

Are you wanting to continue up-leveling your fitness and well-being this year?

What excuses are you ready to transform with the truth?

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