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Helping mothers who want

a confident pregnancy,

an empowered birth, and

a full recovery in postpartum.

What if….
  • You could feel strong, confident and comfortable every week of your pregnancy?

  • You mind and body felt ready to handle the wild ride of birth like a boss?

  • You could fully restore your body and hit higher fitness levels in postpartum?

If you envision feeling strong through pregnancy, conditioned for birth, and ready for postpartum...

Join the Expecting to Flourish Membership™ complete with a 40-week Prenatal Fitness Program, live 1:1 support calls with Kendra & Nicole and a community of other moms.

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Learn the science-backed, proven method that will show you exactly how to:


  • keep your body strong during pregnancy

  • prepare your body for birth (really PRACTICE!)

  • prep for birth alongside your partner with labor positions and tools that will help your partner feel confident supporting you

  • prep for a smooth postpartum recovery and minimize Diastasis Recti (ab separation) and pelvic floor issues

  • have clear guidance for movement in weeks 0-6 postpartum

If you’re ready to get moving in postpartum, need to heal your body but you don’t know where to start...

Join the Postpartum Repair & Restore LIVE Online Coaching program to start healing your diastasis and eliminating leaking in 8 weeks or less with our guidance.

Postpartum Repair Course Computer Image with arrows.png

Join us for our research-driven postpartum method that will show you how to:

  • start the process of exercise in a way that fits into your day

  • remember what core engagement feels like (you still have abs!)

  • banish SI joint pain, back pain, hip pain once and for all - even if it's plagued you since before pregnancy.

  • accelerate the closing of your ab gab (Diastasis) and the firming of your core squishiness.

  • Feel confident about lifting heavier things without asking for help if you don't want to.

Devoted Mamas gave me the physical tools to strengthen my body and insight into the emotional and spiritual work I need to do...and why.


Don’t put off this essential work one more moment. You need and deserve to be the best woman, and therefore mom, you can be!

- Valerie, mom of 2

Need Private Attention?

Do you prefer working one-on-one, or have a high-risk pregnancy, a severe postpartum diastasis or leaking that gets worse with exercise?
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