Pro-Tip: How to get back to swimming in postpartum

Swimming is an awesome way to exercise in postpartum. It feels soooo good to float and glide in the water! No wonder our babies love being in the womb so much. 🙂

Here are a few notes to remember when you start swimming post-baby:

🏊‍ Keep your ribs down as you pull your arm overhead (ribs tend to flare out when we lift our arms overhead, which causes the intra-abdominal pressure to shift out, making diastasis worse)

🏊‍ Engage your core! Along with the rib-down alignment, keep a light tone to your belly as you’re swimming.

🏊‍ Try a little pre-engagement exercise before you jump in the pool. Take a deep breath in, exhale and contract the entire core (from the ribs all the way to the pelvis – that’s your whole core!). Start swimming your arms as if you were doing the front crawl. See if you can keep a light engagement in the core (and ribs down!) as you’re ‘swimming’. It’s much easier to do this on dry land when you don’t have the resistance of the water to distract you.

🏊‍ Stay aware of the arch in your back when doing the front crawl. We tend to overarch in the low back, especially in postpartum because we’re so used to holding that posture during pregnancy. Focus on core engagement which will keep your back in its neutral position.

🏊‍ Remember your abdominal canister, 360 degree breath and breathe into your mid-back as you are swimming.

If you don’t know what the abdominal canister is, you gotta check out our freebie postpartum mini course – we explain it in there and it is one of the KEY components to pelvic floor and core re-connection in postpartum.

P.S. We just re-launched our virtual studio on a brand new platform! We have courses for having an Empowered Birth, and our stellar Postpartum Repair course. Go check it out, we are quite proud of it. 🙂



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