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3 Tips to Having an Ecstatic Birth

Here are a few tips to increase the creative flow in your pregnancy, and set the stage for an inspired, even ecstatic birth: 1) Refer to your due month. Authors, artists and other creative types often chunk up their time in weeks or months to do their soul’s work.  It’s not very precise, and it gives them freedom of movement within a reasonable range of time that keeps them moving forward without a great deal of pressure.

Growing a baby is no different. Think of those things you think you need to do in the week, two weeks, three weeks before the baby comes, and do them the month before.

2) Spend time in nature. If you can get away into nature (it could even be your back yard) do so without your phone or other modern technologies buzzing all around you. Place your hands on a tree, or better yet lean or sit against the tree, for 8-10 conscious breaths.

Nature is the ever-present and visible reminder of the power of our creative potential. Connect to it often.

3) Hug your partner daily. And I mean like really hug. It can be tight or soft, longish or short, but make sure you really feel like you hugged. He or she doesn’t have to know what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. We humans need physical touch to heal and be well.

Pregnancy can sometimes feel lonely and your partner may be worried about hurting you or getting too close, especially toward the end. Instigate random acts of hugging, enjoy it for what it is, and let it go. My husband and I suffered a major loss of our home to a flood several years ago. I started this practice of hugging him every day. It was a beautiful, simple practice that brought peace and connection. Perhaps not coincidentally, we conceived our second child during this time.

And this is just the beginning. There is much more you can do to pave your way toward a positive, even ecstatic, birth experience. 

Resources & Links

Looking for support to stay active during your pregnancy or start your postpartum recovery? Here are some options to get you started on a great path forward:

1) Take the Pelvic Floor & Core Strength Quiz. After taking the quiz, you'll get a score and based on your results, guidance on what steps to take to move you forward in your recovery.

2) Check out our podcast listening guides: Download the Pregnancy Listening Guide or Postpartum Listening Guide.

3) If you're pregnant, want to be way more active than you have been, AND want connection with other mothers, but don't know where to start…join the Expecting to Flourish™ Membership - a mom-driven and expert-guided virtual space empowering moms with a new approach to prenatal fitness and birth prep that actually prepares you for the physical and emotional hurdles of motherhood.

If you’re postpartum and ready to get moving, need to heal your body but you don’t know where to start…join us for Postpartum Repair & Restore LIVE, a science-backed and fun-stacked, Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Strength program. Start healing your diastasis and eliminating leaking in 8 weeks or less with our guidance.

4) Do you prefer working one-on-one, or have a high risk pregnancy, a severe diastasis or leaking that won’t quit? You might be a candidate to work with us privately. To find out, take this quick self assessment! If you qualify, you'll be invited to schedule a complementary Postpartum Strategy Session with us where we'll take a good look at what's not working in your repair process, and come up with a great plan just for you.




Since Devoted Mamas' founding in 2017, our mission is to help you through all the stages of motherhood - stay super strong (and calm!) during pregnancy, be the BOSS of your birth, and help you bring life back to your core + pelvic floor in postpartum.

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